Theme 4 - Positioning

Sonopill Theme 4 – POSITIONING

T4 is crucial for the clinical functioning of the Sonopill and its positioning is an important step. T4 will explore, evaluate, and design a prototype mechanism for compatible positioning of the Sonopill.

The positioning theme will look at the anatomical and physiological nature of the GI tract and focus on the complicated motility of the small bowel and locomotion.

The Sonopill will operate in two main modes, i.e. for diagnosis and for therapy.

The initial ultrasound scan of a patient targets the region of interest and when this step is complete the Sonopill will focus on the particular target. The Sonopill diagnostic purpose will include its precise repositioning to obtain better and optimal ultrasound image of the specific object.

The therapeutic mode of the Sonopill requires controlled positioning of the source of ultrasound where it will remain fairly stable and stationary, and for this a stable platform will be designed.