Theme 3 - Micro-Engineering & Microelectronics

 The focus of Theme 3 is the integration in ERIC and CAIT of capabilities created in Theme2, Theme 4 and Theme 5.  There are two fundamental approaches:  one to realise all functionality envisaged for Sonopill in a large envelope then to shrink this by incremental research, and the other to establish the physical envelope and to determine the functionality that fits in it - increasing this as research progresses.  Theme 3 will take the second path, aided in its early stages by the use of tethered capsules.  In SONOPILL the tether will be functional, with three benefits:  avoiding the need for a local power supply; allowing wired communcation; and providing a degree of positional control.  A fully autonomous capsule has greater potential for access and for patient mobility during its passage and this will be explored in later stages of our research.