Multimodal Systems

Minimally Invasive Endoscopy Workshop

Engineers and clinicians passionate about minimally invasive endoscopy are invited to an open one-day event which will promote dialogue and a better understanding of clinician’s needs and engineer’s capabilities.

After Professor Paul Swain, a pioneer in capsule endoscopy, has set the scene with his keynote address, the event will discuss Positioning & Localisation, Uses, and Sensing & Actuators. Each part will feature two speakers approaching the subject from clinical and engineering perspectives followed by discussion and open idea sharing.

Sonopill Away Day

The Sonopill team enjoyed a short break at Duchally Country Estate, in the bosky, sunny Perthshire countryside. This gave them a pleasant break from the normal pressures of their research and a chance to work on an integrated time line to carry them through to in vivo testing of an array-based Sonopill.

Dundee Design Festival

As a designated UNESCO City of Design, Dundee will host the first Dundee Design Festival from 25th – 28th May 2016.  The theme of the festival is “Place. Work. Folk. Design.” 

One aspect of this theme will explore the potential of design to improve our everyday lives and the Sonopill programme will be exhibited in the context of endoscopic design and innovation through the decades.  The exhibit is structured around a mockup of Sonopill. Scaled up a factor of 10, we have affectionately termed it ‘Sonozilla’.

Vasileios Mitrakos

Vasileios received his BSc degree, with a major in Physics and a specialization in Microelectronics and Telecommunications, from the University of Athens in 2011. His final year research topic and thesis was on the subject of “Modelling and analysis of a Coplanar Waveguide Split-Ring Resonator (CPW SRR) Metamaterial Structure”.

Glasgow University Scientists Develop New 'Video Pill'

Scientists have developed a new type of swallowable camera that could better help detect throat and gut cancers.

"Video-pills" are already used, rather than endoscopes, as a less intrusive way of looking inside patients.

The spectrum of visible light they use, however, has restricted medics to conclusions based on what they can see.

Glasgow University researchers have now used fluorescent light for the first time to expand the diagnostic capabilities of the video-pill.


Members of the Sonopill team took part in Explorathon 2015 at Edinburgh Zoo. Explorathon is part of the European Researchers Night. More than 70 students from Primary Schools across Edinburgh were shown by Dr. Holly Lay, Dr. Gerard Cummins and Dr. Ben Cox how doctors, scientists and engineers could explore the most inaccessible parts of the gut with the Sonopill capsule and how it could be used to diagnose and treat different diseases in the future.

Industrial Impact Group (IIG)

The second meeting of SONOPILL's Industrial Impact Group (IIG) took place on Wednesday 26th November 2014 at Wilson House, University of Dundee.  Prior to the meeting a Report had been distributed to the (IIG) which gave an overview of the progress across the programme from the perspective of those involved in the research. Eleven participants from the IIG attended the meeting and each researcher and PhD student from the five SONOPILL themes gave a presentation on what they have achieved to date and an outline of proposed future work.

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