SET for Britain - Julia Faerber

Julia Faerber, a Sonopill team member from Heriot Watt University was selected to take part in the SET for Britain poster completion to be held in the House of Commons. The SET for Britain poster competition picks research projects that represent the best research work in the fields such as Engineering, Mathematics, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, and Physical Sciences. Julia presented her work on wireless communications for endoscopic capsules to members of both Houses of Parliament.

Industrial Impact Group (IIG)

The second meeting of SONOPILL's Industrial Impact Group (IIG) took place on Wednesday 26th November 2014 at Wilson House, University of Dundee.  Prior to the meeting a Report had been distributed to the (IIG) which gave an overview of the progress across the programme from the perspective of those involved in the research. Eleven participants from the IIG attended the meeting and each researcher and PhD student from the five SONOPILL themes gave a presentation on what they have achieved to date and an outline of proposed future work.


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