Ultrasound Systems

Antonella Verbeni

In the framework of the Sonopill project Antonella is currently working on the design of a therapeutic capsule able to perform Ultrasound-mediated-drug-delivery. This capsule embeds a bowl ultrasound transducer ( Pz54 materials with a center frequency of 4MHz), a drug delivery system (composed by a polyimide 0.8 mm hollow tube) and a micro-camera.

Industrial Impact Group (IIG)

The second meeting of SONOPILL's Industrial Impact Group (IIG) took place on Wednesday 26th November 2014 at Wilson House, University of Dundee.  Prior to the meeting a Report had been distributed to the (IIG) which gave an overview of the progress across the programme from the perspective of those involved in the research. Eleven participants from the IIG attended the meeting and each researcher and PhD student from the five SONOPILL themes gave a presentation on what they have achieved to date and an outline of proposed future work.

Fraser Stewart

Fraser received his degree from the University of Dundee with a first class BSc Honours in Mathematics and Physics in June 2014. During the course of his studies he undertook a 4th year research project in developing a magnetic tweezers system “Development of a Magnetic Tweezers System Using NdFeB Ring-Magnet Stacks”. Between 3rd and 4th years of study he completed a project using optical tweezers “Optical Analysis of Biofuel Aerosols”. Fraser joined the Sonopill team in July 2014 working as a PhD student in Theme 2.

Professor George Corner

A graduate of Dundee, BSc(Hons) and PhD, Geo worked in the National Engineering Laboratory before joining the Glasgow Department of Clinical Physics and Bioengineering,  eventually leading the laboratory equipment and ultrasound service teams.

In 2005 Geo returned to Dundee as Head of Instrumentation, managing medical equipment throughout Tayside. He led the research aspects of the Medical Physics Department which is accredited to ISO13485 and retains his personal involvement in Ultrasound. In August 2014 Geo retired from the NHS after 36 years service.

Dr Christine Demore

Christine Demore graduated from Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada with a BScE (Hons) in Engineering Physics in 2000 and a PhD in Physics in 2006. During her PhD she designed ultrasound probes for improved medical imaging, and was supervised by Dr. Geoff Lockwood.  Following a brief period working in the MicroScale Sensors group at the University of the West of Scotland, she joined the newly formed Institute for Medical Science and Technology at University of Dundee in 2007.

Dr Holly Lay

Holly received her Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from Queen’s University in 2003.  During her Bachelor’s degree, she spent 15 months working as an intern at Gennum Inc, a silicon device manufacturing firm.  She received her PhD in Engineering Physics from Queen’s University in 2011, with a thesis focusing on the design and manufacture of a high-frequency annular array system for medical ultrasound imaging.  Between 2011 and 2013, she worked at Sonavation Inc., a US-based firm specializing in ultrasound-based fingerprint detection for security systems.  She joined the Sonop


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