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Glasgow University Scientists Develop New 'Video Pill'

Scientists have developed a new type of swallowable camera that could better help detect throat and gut cancers.

"Video-pills" are already used, rather than endoscopes, as a less intrusive way of looking inside patients.

The spectrum of visible light they use, however, has restricted medics to conclusions based on what they can see.

Glasgow University researchers have now used fluorescent light for the first time to expand the diagnostic capabilities of the video-pill.


Members of the Sonopill team took part in Explorathon 2015 at Edinburgh Zoo. Explorathon is part of the European Researchers Night. More than 70 students from Primary Schools across Edinburgh were shown by Dr. Holly Lay, Dr. Gerard Cummins and Dr. Ben Cox how doctors, scientists and engineers could explore the most inaccessible parts of the gut with the Sonopill capsule and how it could be used to diagnose and treat different diseases in the future.

Industrial Impact Group (IIG)

The second meeting of SONOPILL's Industrial Impact Group (IIG) took place on Wednesday 26th November 2014 at Wilson House, University of Dundee.  Prior to the meeting a Report had been distributed to the (IIG) which gave an overview of the progress across the programme from the perspective of those involved in the research. Eleven participants from the IIG attended the meeting and each researcher and PhD student from the five SONOPILL themes gave a presentation on what they have achieved to date and an outline of proposed future work.


Cancer of the GI tract is the second most common cause of death in the UK. Improving the ability to detect and classify lesions as early as possible as a part of diagnosis is vital. This requires imaging modalities utilizing the most sensitive technologies to assist the endoscopist carrying out the diagnosis. Current methods of direct imaging are through endoscopy for the oesophagus and colon and through optical Capsule Endoscopy (CE) and Push Enteroscopy (PE) for the small bowel.

Dr Vipin Seetohul

Vipin is originally from Mauritius. He moved to the UK in 1999 for his higher education and holds a B.Eng.(Hons.) in ‘Medical Electronics & Instrumentation’ from the University of Liverpool, an MSc. in ‘Engineering & Physical Science in Medicine’ from Imperial College London, an MPhil. in ‘Neuroprosthetics’ from the University of Bath and a PhD. in ‘Biomedical Engineering’ from the University of Warwick. His doctoral research investigated the destruction of kidney stones using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU).

Dr Elaine Henry

Dr Elaine Henry is a Consultant Gastroenterologist with NHS Tayside.  Dr Henry's main clinical interests are Upper GI/HPB cancer and Hepatology as well as advanced endoscopic techniques.  She has pioneered the use of endoscopic ultrasound as a staging modality in gastrointestinal cancer and has intorudced minimally invasive cancer resection in the upper GI tract and modern imaging techniques.  Her reserarch interests are in the advancement of high frequency and other novel ultrasound techniques in gut imaging. 


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