Vasileios Mitrakos

PhD Student

EM 2.34 Mountbatten Building,
School of Engineering & Physical Sciences,
Heriot-Watt University,
EH14 4AS

Vasileios received his BSc degree, with a major in Physics and a specialization in Microelectronics and Telecommunications, from the University of Athens in 2011. His final year research topic and thesis was on the subject of “Modelling and analysis of a Coplanar Waveguide Split-Ring Resonator (CPW SRR) Metamaterial Structure”. In 2012 and 2013 he was the recipient of two internships from the National Centre of Scientific Research (NCSR) “Demokritos”, Athens, and worked as a research assistant at the Institute of Advanced Materials, Physicochemical Processes, Nanotechnology & Microsystems of the NCSR respectively. In 2014 he received the degree of MSc by Research from Heriot-Watt University conducting research on the subject of “Design, Development and Characterisation of Piezoresistive and Capacitive Polymeric Pressure Sensors for use in Compression Hosiery”. On December 2014 Vasileios started his PhD degree at Heriot-Watt University and the University of Edinburgh, under the PhD Edinburgh Research Partnership in Engineering (ERP) programme, joining Theme 5 (Multimodality) of the Sonopill project.

Vasileios is working towards the development of a dedicated pressure sensor system to be integrated on the Sonopill capsule, which will enable the exploration of additional modalities for the capsule and provide at the same time an advanced diagnostic tool for the study of motility disorders. The developed technology is also aimed to be integrated on wearable medical garments for the efficient monitoring of their performance. Vasileios’ PhD project is supervised by Professor Marc Desmulliez (Heriot-Watt University), Dr Philip Hands (The University of Edinburgh) and Dr Lisa Macintyre (Heriot-Watt University).

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