Julia Faerber


Heriot Watt University Edinburgh

After school Julia started her undergraduate studies in Microtechnology from 2005-2008 at the FH Gelsenkirchen (Germany) and continued her education with a postgraduate programme at the same University and in the same subject. In 2009 she was an ERASMUS student at the University of Dundee (Scotland) for one semester, which led to the decision to transfer to the Biomedical Engineering Masters at the Dundee Uni. During her Masters project she produced and tested two new designs of laparoscopic handles with SolidWorks and 3D printing technologies. She successfully finished her MSc in September 2010. After finishing her studies she worked as a system integrator at a particle therapy institute (Marburg, Germany) at Siemens for one year until 2012. From summer 2012 she has been part of a research team at IMSaT (University of Dundee) for a year. This work has been in a European funded project researching propulsion methods for a novel swimming robot designed to detect cancer in the colon. From November 2013 she started being involved in the SONOPIL project as a technician, where she developed a first prototype of a pill-cam with an internal rotating Ultrasound transducer.

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