Dr William Lewinger

01382 381867

Institute for Medical Science & Technology

Division of Imaging & Technology

University of Dundee

Wilson House

1 Wurzburg Loan



Bill completed his undergraduate and graduate studies in the United States at The Pennsylvania State University and Case Western Reserve University in electrical engineering.  His graduate work focused on biologically-inspired robotics, which included bio-mimetic and bio-abstracted legged robotic systems, and also biology-based autonomous behaviours for other mobile robots.  He has been part of two post-doctoral projects in the United Kingdom.  One at the University of Edinburgh built upon his graduate research by constructing a 19:1 scale robotic model of a walking stick insect based on the animal’s neurobiology for locomotion (stepping patterns and gait generation).  The most-recent project at the University of Surrey involved terrain testing and assaying sensors for future Mars rover missions that would allow the rovers themselves to ensure the soil was safe to traverse.

Bill will be working on Theme 4 of the SONOPILL project.  As part of this, he will be developing self-locomotion methodologies that will enable the capsule to move freely within the gut.  Several different motility methods will be investigated for: efficiency of movement, ability to move with and against the natural bowel movements, and enabling any movement without damage to the gut itself.  Additional tasks will include assisting other members of the project, where applicable, and aiding in the development of capsule localisation by external means.

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