Dr Ben Cox

Clinical Research Fellow
(0)1382 386588
Division of Imaging and Technology
Medical Research Institute
University of Dundee
Mailbox 3
Ninewells Hospital
Dundee DD1 9SY


After completing his BSc (Biology) at Dalhousie University, Ben became involved with projects in the field of medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital.  He then went on to complete his medical studies at the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague, graduating in 2010.

Ben’s role within the Sonopill project will be to oversee the clinical development of Sonopill from bench-to-bedside.  Ben’s main objectives within the scope of the project are to identify the gastrointestinal disorders that would benefit from Sonopill and to investigate the capabilities of capsule based multimodal imaging and therapy with preclinical models for translation into clinical practice.  Further to ascertaining which gastrointestinal disorders may benefit from Sonopill, Ben is also identifying other disciplines involved in basic gastrointestinal research which may be assisted by utilization of capsule based ultrasound.       

In addition to his professional duties, Ben will be enrolled in a PhD programme aimed at characterising gastrointestinal pathology with capsule based multimodal imaging.

Prior to joining Sonopill, Ben was involved with the Integrated Interventional Imaging Operating System (IIIOS) project as an experienced researcher.  His research role within the IIIOS project concerned the development of appropriate vascular phantoms for testing, training and education.  Chiefly, Ben became involved in further developing Thiel soft-fix cadavers as a functioning model for interventional MRI.

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