Antonella Verbeni

Visiting PhD Student
01382 381107


Institute for Medical Science & Technology

University of Dundee

Mailbox 5

Ninewells Hospital & Medical School



In the framework of the Sonopill project Antonella is currently working on the design of a therapeutic capsule able to perform Ultrasound-mediated-drug-delivery. This capsule embeds a bowl ultrasound transducer ( Pz54 materials with a center frequency of 4MHz), a drug delivery system (composed by a polyimide 0.8 mm hollow tube) and a micro-camera. The feasibility of different designs have been tested to understand the correct positioning of the components inside the pill shell to avoid unwanted interference with the ultrasound beam and to be able to focus and reach a target just few millimeters from the pill's perimeter. Future work will be carried out on the characterization of the acoustic field of the small focused bowl transducer and tests carried out to assess if it is able to produce the required power and if a cooling system is needed to avoid overheating.  

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