Sonozilla at the Dundee International Design Festival - Vipin Seetohul


Dundee became the first UNESCO City of Design in the UK in November 2014, a prestigious award that recognises the huge contribution the city has made to design worldwide. It was chosen along with Helsinki (Finland), Bilbao (Spain), Curitaba (Brazil), and Turin (Italy).

Letter from the Biologist - Inke Nathke

As one of the few biologists involved in SONOPILL, I used to feel a little like a Martian amongst the others.  However, this was by no means an unpleasant experience and I never felt unwelcome or unvalued.  In fact, it means I have learned and continue to learn a lot.  It provided the opportunity to tell others about the things I am interested in and share my enthusiasm for cells and tissues.  Another positive outcome is that I am not just learning about the engineering and physics aspects of ultrasound and associated technology, but also about how approaches and attitudes to science diffe

My Experience as a Visiting Student in Glasgow - María Dolores Fernandez-Caballero Fariñas

Hi everyone! My name is Lola. I was a visiting PhD student from Spain. During the 4 months of my visit, I have done my research at the University of Glasgow, included in the Sonopill programme. My background is engineering but during my PhD research I have had the chance to discover the biological world and then crossing the line towards a multidisciplinary knowledge (that means that I am very conscious that I don’t know as much as I should of nothing).

DCAT Vacation Studentship - Thineskrishna Anbarasan

At the end of my 1st year of Medical School I was fortunate to be granted an opportunity to undertake an 8 week attachment in the Ninewells Ultrasound Lab, working on the Sonopill programme.  Being able to be involved in proper research as a student was extremely exciting, having only either read about or heard from other researchers’ experience. I looked forward to the start of my project but there was always an apprehension as to the possible mishandling of equipment and the damage and cost I could incur to the lab.

A Different Point of View - Holly Lay

One of the most interesting aspects of working on the Sonopill project for me has been the opportunity, and even the need, to work with clinical staff on a daily basis. Ben, our clinical research fellow, often complains of being outnumbered by the engineers. Fortunately, like ‘Bones’ McCoy from Star Trek, he doesn’t let that stop him from bringing an important point of view to the discussion. I bring up Dr.

How Do All of the Pieces Fit Together - Bill Lewinger

“No man is an island” (John Donne) and neither are sub-system components of a larger, more complex system.  As with most every device in the world today, there is more to things than just simple parts that fit together with ease and harmony, coming together to complete a simple task.  Coffee makers, which used to just heat water, now have internal bean grinders, brew strength options, integrated water jugs, and milk frothers.  The level of complexity of modern systems requires forethought, careful planning, and lots of integration.  The same applies to capsule endoscopy.

A Blank Cheque Kills Creativity - Gerard Cummins

We are getting to the stage in the Sonopill programme where parts of the project are beginning to coalesce. This is in no small part due to the various constraints we have encountered over the last year I have been on this project, whether it is due to the volume of the capsule, power consumption required, clinical need or human physiology. These constraints have helped to focus problems, spurred creativity and have highlighted clear challenges to overcome.


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